Can Benign Breast Tumors Be Treated With Herbal Medicines?

Illustration of Can Benign Breast Tumors Be Treated With Herbal Medicines?
Illustration: Can Benign Breast Tumors Be Treated With Herbal Medicines?

Doc, if there is a lump in the breast like a benign fam tumor in the breast, can it be treated manually with medicines such as Black Seed or mangosteen skin, I searched on Google, said mangosteen skin and Black Seed can eliminate breast lumps or other tumors. Is it really dock?

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FAM or commonly called mammae fibroadenoma is a type of benign tumor that often occurs in the breast. These tumors generally have a small size, with a boundary and firm, with consistency that is springy and dense, can be moved. These tumors usually do not cause pain, or get bigger when the menstrual cycle arrives.

The exact cause of the emergence of FAM is not known with certainty, but is often associated with reproductive hormones. The symptoms contained in FAM are:

Small palpable palpable, can amount to one or several
Does not feel pain when held
The shape is round, the edges are bounded firmly, can be moved
Chewy and dense consistency.

To determine whether the lump is FAM or not, you should be examined further by a surgeon. Later the doctor will conduct a physical examination related to complaints that are felt or carry out additional supporting examinations if needed. Generally, the surgical removal of the tumor is by surgery, the consumption of herbal medicines has not been done further research. Besides FAM, some lumps that may appear in the breast are:

Ca mammae
Pilodes tumors
Mammary fibrocysts

For the time being you are advised to remain at home for a while, to prevent the spread of the corona virus. However, if the lump grows larger quickly, severe pain occurs, accompanied by rapid weight loss, immediately take it to the nearest hospital for further treatment.

Hopefully can help. thanks.

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