Can Blood Donors Detect Diabetes Due To Heredity?

Illustration of Can Blood Donors Detect Diabetes Due To Heredity?
Illustration: Can Blood Donors Detect Diabetes Due To Heredity?

Can a blood donor detect a dangerous disease? Within 3 times there was no donor call from the PMI, was my blood marked safe u0026sup2; only? It is feared because parents have a history of diabetes

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Good evening, thanks for asking at To your question, blood donation is not the right step if you want to detect a dangerous disease in yourself.

The essence of blood donation is donating the blood we have for others who are more in need. It's just that, not everyone can donate blood, for some people who have a disease that can be transmitted through blood, such as HIV and hepatitis B, if he donates blood then the blood enters the recipient's body, he will actually transmit the disease to that person, and aggravate the condition. For this reason, the PMI will check the donors and donated blood, so as not to pass the blood that contains certain diseases. So when someone learns that he has a certain disease after a blood donor, it is not because the PMI deliberately checks for you, but for the safety of patients who will receive donated blood, so that some blood is not passed.

Therefore, to find out whether there are dangerous diseases or not on our bodies, we can not expect from making blood donations. In your case, if you are not called, it is possible that you do not experience blood-borne diseases such as HIV and hepatitis, but dangerous diseases are more widespread than that. For example, lung cancer, bone cancer, heart attacks, tuberculosis, kidney failure, brain infections and many more, all are dangerous diseases and cannot be detected by PMI officials.

Our advice, if you really want to know your current condition, do a routine check or general check-up at the nearest hospital. The doctor will do a history, physical examination and support in the form of blood tests, X-rays, heart records and so forth to detect your physical condition. If the results are normal, then you can say that your body is free from dangerous diseases. So, hopefully answering your question.

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