Can Blood Type A Receive A Blood Transfusion From Group O +?

Illustration of Can Blood Type A Receive A Blood Transfusion From Group O +?
Illustration: Can Blood Type A Receive A Blood Transfusion From Group O +?

Good morning, I want to ask about blood donation. I who have blood type O + give donors to people with blood type A?

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Based on a long-standing theory regarding blood, blood type O is a blood group that does not have any antigen in its red blood cells, which in theory, if this blood type is given to another blood type other than fellow blood type O it is very possible not to cause the body's rejection reaction due to the absence of antigens that can react with specific antibodies (immune system) that can cause blood clots.

However, in the medical world today, if someone needs a blood donor, then in general blood will be selected from the same group, for example in your question, if someone who has blood type A, blood type A will be returned to become donor where this is done to minimize the possibility of the body's rejection reaction. Also note that although the blood selected to be administered has the same blood type as the recipient, the possibility of the rejection reaction is still present, so that before the blood from the donor is inserted into the recipient's body, there are several procedures that must be performed to ascertain whether the blood can be given and well received by the recipient or not, if it is not acceptable then another best solution will be found.

In addition, in addition to paying attention to a person's blood classification based on the ABO system, it is also important to note blood classification based on the Rhesus system, namely whether one's blood type has a positive (+) or negative (-) Rhesus, where this classification is also very influential, which is when giving blood who have the same group in the ABO system (for example donating blood group A for blood group A recipients) but different in the Rhesus classification system, this can cause a rejection reaction from the body which can lead to death if no further treatment is immediately done.

Therefore, if the person you want to donate really needs blood at this time, it is strongly recommended to look for donors who have the same blood type both from the ABO system and the Rhesus system to minimize the possibility of rejection. It is also advisable to ask for help from the hospital or team from your city's Indonesian Red Cross to help find the right donor and conduct a proper examination before the blood is finally given.

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