Can Body Bleach Be Detected During Lab Examination?

Illustration of Can Body Bleach Be Detected During Lab Examination?
Illustration: Can Body Bleach Be Detected During Lab Examination?

hello i consume body bleach the pill if if we do a lab check will it be found out if we consume the body bleach? and whether the correct body bleach “can whiten permanently? because I have stopped consuming it 2 weeks, please answer me

1 Answer:

Hello. Thank you for the questions submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

First of all, we need to ask a few questions related to your question. What do you mean by the whitening product? Did you buy the product independently? Is the product registered at the POM? Since when did you use the product?

Unfortunately we have not gotten enough clinical information about your condition due to limited access to take anamnesis and physical examination directly. We recommend that you consult directly with your doctor or skin specialist regarding skin care. We recommend that you avoid using any product whose benefits and safety have not been clinically tested, especially if the product is not registered with the POM.

Thus information from us. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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