Can Braces Be Done On Teeth That Are Untidy And Have Fillings?

Illustration of Can Braces Be Done On Teeth That Are Untidy And Have Fillings?
Illustration: Can Braces Be Done On Teeth That Are Untidy And Have Fillings?

Good night,. I want to ask. My teeth were unevenly aligned and my upper and lower teeth had fillings. Can you still use the stirrup or not? Then what should you use the stirrup? How much does it cost? R nThank you.

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An uneven tooth arrangement can indeed be an indication of the installation of braces (braces). With the installation of braces, it is hoped that the arrangement of your teeth can get better. This is not only important to support appearance. However, an even tooth arrangement can help you chew your food better, as well as make your teeth and mouth healthier because there is less risk of leftovers piling up.

Before determining whether you are a good candidate for braces or not, your doctor will generally conduct an examination of your overall health. Braces generally will only be installed when you are over 12 years of age. Because, at this age permanent tooth abnormalities can begin to appear.

Apart from age, the health condition of your teeth and mouth will also be checked. The presence of dental fillings with cavities will also be taken into consideration in installing braces. If the condition of the filling and the teeth that are filled is still good, of course, the installation of braces can still be done. However, if you feel that the fillings are starting to wobble or your teeth are not in good condition, then the tooth problem and the fillings will be resolved first. Moreover, if the tooth that is being filled is a tooth that will be used as the basis for the attachment of the braces. This is important to do, because if it is not properly cared for, braces can actually make it easier for bacteria that cause holes in the teeth to accumulate so that eventually the teeth will be vulnerable to cavities again. Braces will be installed after the problem with the cavities has been properly treated.

Instead, express your intention to straighten your teeth to an orthodontic specialist. The doctor will later check the overall health of your teeth and mouth before attaching braces. Regarding the type of braces and how much it costs, you can also consult directly with him. Because, the amount of this fee can vary greatly depending on the type of action taken, the type of braces, and the policy of each health facility.

Hope this helps ..

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