Can Brain Nerve Dysfunction Heal?

Good afternoon, I’m a college student. It’s been more than a year ago I saw a doctor and the results experienced brain swelling and mild encephalitis … after undergoing routine treatment for more than 9 months, I checked the MRI because it never healed his headache but checked for MRI at a different hospital. The MRI results were declared normal. Then I went back to the doctor and asked about the results, which in my opinion were not in accordance with what I felt. Then my doctor said that it was most likely that I was affected by a brain nerve disorder that when checked with MRT was not seen but the patient could feel the pain. And now, in June 2019 I again felt a tremendous headache after months I did not feel it anymore. I have tried to stop taking the drug for 4 months. But now I feel so bad that my pain is not strong enough to move. Please enlighten me and suggest what I should do. Does the brain’s nerve function disorder get better or not? Thank you

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Related to complaints of prolonged headache that you have, you should be equipped with some information relating to how the pattern of headaches experienced whether only one head or the whole head, whether there are other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, flashing lights on vision, double vision or other symptoms that occur accompanying, whether the complaint is aggravated by something, whether there is a previous history of similar, if there is a history of other pain, whether there is a history of trauma or head injury. Based on complaints of headaches, there are several diseases that may be the cause, i.e.

- Inflammation of brain tissue (swelling or brain infection / encephalitis)

- Abnormalities in the structure of blood vessels
- Chronic migraine

Inflammation in brain tissue is an inflammatory reaction in the brain that can be caused by infection, trauma, or the immune system that is associated with risk factors such as infection in other body parts or tumor growth. Symptoms experienced by patients are headaches, fevers, fatigue and even severe symptoms such as seizures, changes in consciousness, hallucinations, blurred vision. The diagnosis is based on the symptoms experienced by the patient then a follow-up examination such as an MRI or CT scan with the aim of detecting inflammation of the brain. The next stage if inflammation of the brain is found, then a lumbar puncture examination is required, which is taking fluids to examine the cause of inflammation whether due to viruses / bacteria / immune system. So the treatment can be in accordance with the cause. Some other tests that can be done is the brain electricity flow test (EEG), brain biopsy to see brain tissue.

Abnormal structure of blood vessels (venous artery malformations), namely abnormal growth in arteries and veins. Some of the symptoms felt are headaches, weakness, loss of consciousness and even seizures. Examination is done based on history and physical then test with angiography to see the condition of blood vessels that are experiencing abnormalities.

Chronic migraine is a headache that is sometimes associated with blood vessels that contract or dilate with related conditions such as the hormonal cycle in women, a history of trauma. Symptoms that are felt like throbbing one-sided headache are sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting or sensitivity to sound or light.

In the examination that has been done can be compared and the progress of the course of the disease to better ascertain the cause of the symptoms felt and the progress of healing will depend on the exact cause of the disease experienced. In this condition, further consultation with a neurologist is recommended.

If you experience a very severe headache condition, spraying vomiting, decreased awareness, seizures should immediately go to the nearest emergency room.

Thus the information we can convey. May be useful. Thank you

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