Can Breastfeed Again

Illustration of Can Breastfeed Again
Illustration: Can Breastfeed Again

Doctor, I want to ask. 3 weeks ago my left breast abscess, from BPJS can be referred to a surgeon because the case is abscess no longer Mastitis. From the surgeon I was given the drug ciprofloxacin 750 mg and to the final 500mg and was advised not to breastfeed for a while. This week I started breastfeeding, but I have very few breastmilk doctors, please ask for a solution so that I can breastfeed again with an adequate amount of breast milk. Thank you doctor. Today I am 47 days after birth.

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Hello Magdalena,

Thank you for the question.

Mastitis is often experienced by breastfeeding mothers, mainly because of nipple sores that are not treated with good hygiene, thus making bacteria enter and infect the breast parenchyma. This condition can trigger pain, swelling, and even a fever that is bothersome, which if not handled properly can lead to abscess formation. From this breast abscess, it is not uncommon to even form fistulas, which make pus come out through the skin surface.

Handling of breast abscesses is done primarily by administering several types of drugs, namely to eradicate the bacteria that causes the infection and relieve symptoms of inflammation that arise. If deemed necessary, wound care or surgery can also be done to remove the tissue that has an abscess.

Most types of antibiotics that need to be given for the treatment of breast abscesses can indeed have a negative impact if consumed by babies through breast milk. Therefore, mothers will be advised to stop breastfeeding temporarily to avoid this risk. But it should, even if you are not breastfed, you will still milk your milk, even if it has to be discarded afterwards, so that your milk production is maintained. If this is not done, obviously your milk production will decrease considerably.

In order to increase breast milk production again, you are advised to:

Breastfeed babies and breast milk frequently (1-3 hours)
Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, multiply to eat nuts and other nutritious foods
Do not think too much, multiply relaxation
Take a break between your time taking care of the baby
Don't give your baby food and drinks other than breast milk before he is 6 months old
If you want to give milk to the baby, do not use a pacifier, replace it with a spoon or cupfeeder, so the baby is not confused nipples

Increasing milk production certainly cannot be done in a short time. For optimal results, the steps above you must do with discipline every day.

However, if after more than 4 weeks you do not feel there is a change in your milk production even after taking the steps above, it is recommended for you to go directly to the doctor or lactation counselor to find the best solution.

I hope this helps.

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