Can Breastfeed If The Breast Is Infected.?

Illustration of Can Breastfeed If The Breast Is Infected.?
Illustration: Can Breastfeed If The Breast Is Infected.?

Good evening dokI want to ask, a week ago I had a breast infection. pain, inflammation is gone. However, now at one point the infected breast is bleeding out like pus. My question is, is my baby still safe to consume from infected ASI? And do I need breast ultrasound? Thank you for the answer 😊

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Hello, thanks for the question.

Inflammation of the breast tissue, called mastitis, can be caused by bacterial infections or due to blocked milk ducts and most often occurs in nursing mothers so that it interferes with the process of breastfeeding the baby. Complaints that can arise in mastitis include pain in the breast, usually only about one breast, sore when breastfeeding, itching, swelling, redness, pus nipple discharge, fever, there is enlargement in the folds of the armpits, and so forth. Some factors that increase the risk of this disease include:

Frequent use of bras that are too tight Breastfeeding irregularly Breastfeeding with only one breast Have had previous mastitis Less hygiene Wound of the breast Lack of nutrition and so on. In mothers with mastitis, breastfeeding must still be done and should breastfeed from the side of healthy breasts that are not infected. In breast mastitis breast milk should continue to be removed but does not need to be given to the baby because stopping the expenditure of milk will only worsen the condition. Because mastitis is caused by infection, you should consult your doctor to get the right treatment so that it does not interfere with breastfeeding to infants. The doctor will conduct a direct examination and additional examinations if needed, such as blood tests, ultrasound, etc. The doctor may prescribe oral medicines or topical antibiotics to kill germs, pain relievers, etc. Give breast milk in a comfortable position, avoid wearing bras that are too tight, make it a habit to breastfeed on both breasts, compress the breast with warm water, fulfill fluid needs, eat healthy and nutritious foods, avoid stress, cigarettes, and alcohol.

Thus, hopefully it helps.

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