Can Breastfeeding Mothers Eat Squid?

can a nursing mother eat squid? thanks.

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Related to eating squid while breastfeeding it is quite good because seafood contains omega 3 which is good for the eyes and brain development of babies. This will be less good if there is a history of allergies in mothers related to seafood where allergies can decrease in children, usually in newborns allergic reactions can appear on the skin that appears reddish, called atopic dermatitis.

Overall, the breastfeeding process has several benefits, namely helping to form a close relationship between the baby and the mother, contributing to an increased level of intelligence (IQ). Some foods that are good for nursing mothers are

Good food for nursing mothers needs to contain the following nutrients:

1. Complex carbohydrates, such as wheat, beans, vegetables, and fruit, are important for meeting energy needs during lactation. Because it is digested more slowly than simple carbohydrates, so energy will be stored longer and blood sugar will also be more stable.

2. Protein is needed by babies to form neural networks and brain, so that it will support their intelligence later. Foods that are sources of protein include eggs, lean meat, fish, dairy products, nuts or seeds, and whole grains.

3. Healthy fats, which contain omega-3s. Healthy fats can be obtained by eating sea fish, avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oil. Marine fish contain high protein and Omega-3, which consists of DHA and EPA. This is very good for the development of the baby's eyes and brain, and supports growth and development in general so that one day he becomes a smart child.

4. Iron plays an important role in baby's brain development processes, such as meat, nuts, green vegetables, and whole grains. Some substances that help the absorption of iron are foods that contain vitamin C, such as fruits and vegetables.

5. Calcium such as milk and its processed products, such as yogurt and yogurt, also green vegetables, tofu, tempeh, soy milk, and juice or cereal.

If necessary, consult a nutrition doctor to find out what nutrients are needed by nursing mothers and babies according to their individual needs,

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