Can Callusol Be Used For Skin Tags

Illustration of Can Callusol Be Used For Skin Tags
Illustration: Can Callusol Be Used For Skin Tags

Good afternoon doc … I want to ask … can callusol be used for skin tags?

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Meat growing or poorly tagged (acrocordone) is benign skin growth that looks like a small balloon that hangs on the skin. Sometimes, this condition can also be seen as follows. Lay people used to call this condition as meat grows. Meat grows harmless and the amount varies from one to hundreds. Although some of these conditions can resolve on their own spontaneously, most of them will continue to survive.

Skin tag sizes vary, ranging from a few millimeters to about 5 centimeters. Skin tags are commonly found around the armpits, chest, calves, groin, neck, eyelids, or around the buttocks .kin tags are formed from blood vessels and collagen in the outer layer of the skin. However, until now the exact cause of skin tags is still unclear. Most likely this condition occurs because of friction on the surface of the skin, both between the skin with clothing, jewelry, or other objects.

Callusol suspension is a drug used to treat fish eyes, calluses and skin that hardens on warts. This drug contains saliclat acid, lactic acid, and polydocanol which work by gradually softening and releasing thickening of the skin. Side effects of the use of this drug are local irritation and itching. so the drug is not for growing meat, so far, there is no medically proven cream that can get rid of growing meat. This condition is usually eliminated by physical methods, which should be done by a doctor. It is not advisable to try to remove the skin tag yourself at home, by pulling it using a rope or by applying chemicals for peeling. Because, these methods can cause pain such as burning, bleeding, to infection. It is best to consult a doctor to remove skin tags.

Skin tags are usually harmless or cause pain. However, you can consider lifting if it interferes with your appearance and affects your confidence. This can also be done if you are often caught in clothing or jewelry and bleed. It will be difficult when you guess yourself whether you have meat grow or not. That is why, contact your doctor if you find something that grows, changes, bleeds, or itches on your skin.

In addition to several treatments, many people choose to eliminate skin tags with natural treatments using apple vinegar, lemon juice, or with tea tree oil. But, until now there has been no scientific study that can prove the effectiveness of this natural treatment. The existence of skin tags that do not interfere, actually do not need special treatment. However, consult a doctor if skin tags start to interfere or if they show a change in color, shape, size or amount.

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