Can Cat Whiskers And Celery Juice Cure Nephrotic Syndrome?

Illustration of Can Cat Whiskers And Celery Juice Cure Nephrotic Syndrome?
Illustration: Can Cat Whiskers And Celery Juice Cure Nephrotic Syndrome?

Hello … Is it true that cat’s whiskers leaves and celery juice are natural remedies to cure leaky kidney disease or nephrotic syndrome? Thank you.

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Nephrotic syndrome is a condition of impaired kidney function in carrying out filtration so that excessive protein is released from the body. Excessive protein release can be detected from urine that comes out with urine examination. There are several symptoms that can arise from nephrotic syndrome, including:

Fluid buildup / edema in some parts of the body, can be found around the eyes, ankles or feet.
Changes in urine, high protein content can cause urine to foam.
Decreased levels of protein and antibodies in the body make the body vulnerable to infection.
Blood clots can occur in the body due to protein to prevent blood clots from coming out.
High blood pressure due to fluid balance is disrupted by impaired kidney function as well.

The cause of nephrotic syndrome is caused by abnormalities in the structure of the kidneys starting from the filtration unit (glomerulus), there are some structural changes that cause leakage, ranging from minimal changes / minimal changes, to accompanying diseases that cause kidney damage such as diabetes, HIV, lupus, cell anemia sickle, and other diseases.

Treatment of nephrotic syndrome can be in the form of drugs to reduce symptoms or overcome complications due to this disease, there are several drugs that can be given according to the conditions, including:

Diuretics, removing excess fluid in the body.
Antihypertensive drugs to reduce high blood pressure.
An anticoagulant drug used to reduce the risk of blood clots.
Steroids to treat inflammation or glomerulonephritis are minimal changes.
Immunosuppressants are used to reduce inflammation and suppress the abnormal response of the immune system.
Antibiotics such as penicillin to reduce infections in the body.

At present there is no scientific evidence / research that supports the existence of a curative relationship or cure nephrotic syndrome using cat's whiskers leaves and celery juice. It is best to consult beforehand with the doctor in charge of the relevant treatment. Avoid using / stopping the treatment regimen alone without doctor's instructions.

For more information about nephrotic syndrome, you can access the article at this link.

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