Can Cavities Be Removed?

Illustration of Can Cavities Be Removed?
Illustration: Can Cavities Be Removed?

Good afternoon doctor. I’m dina at the age of 29 … I want to ask, my top 5 teeth have holes, every day I get a beat … When I don’t have pain can I pull it out ?? Yesterday I wanted to pull out but why the Puskesmas doctor said it couldn’t be pulled out even though the cavities were ..

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Hello Dina,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, what reasons do doctors give when not pulling your teeth? Are there alternative treatments that he has suggested to you?

Cavities that are often often trigger disruptive pain. This condition often occurs due to poor oral hygiene. Smoking habits, eating sweet foods, to the consumption of certain drugs can increase your risk of experiencing cavities.

It's not always painful cavities that need to be treated with pulling. If it is still possible to maintain teeth, doctors often do not do extractions. Because, pulling teeth is not without risk. Besides being able to cause infection and bleeding (especially if tooth extraction is done while the tooth is still experiencing inflammation or severe infection), tooth extraction can also cause the structure of the teeth and jaws to change.

The dentist who examines you, armed with his experience and competence, certainly understands the best treatment steps that need to be done related to the condition of your teeth. If you feel confused, do not hesitate to ask him directly what is the reason for not pulling your cavities and aching teeth, whether it should not be revoked at all, or maybe just delayed revocation. In addition to tooth extraction, painful cavities can often be treated with medication, filling, root canal treatment, or many other medical procedures.

In the meantime, so that your complaints improve, you can take the drug paracetamol first so that pain is reduced. Also improve the cleanliness of your teeth and mouth, which is more diligent in brushing teeth, clean between your teeth, and rinse with salt solution. Do not forget, stop smoking, do not make it a habit to eat close to bedtime (without brushing your teeth), and do not carelessly take other medicines without the advice of a doctor.

I hope this helps.

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