Can Children Change?

Illustration of Can Children Change?
Illustration: Can Children Change?

Dr wanted to ask whether the child’s blood type could not change, initially she was pregnant with her husband, but she often had sex with other men who took turns because of her job like that. Is his son’s blood after birth still his father’s type. Thank you

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Hello Ashilla,

Blood type according to the ABO system is blood type A, blood group B, blood group O, and blood group AB. Blood type will not change and its nature is passed down from the parents, but that does not mean that the child's blood type must be the same as the parents.

The child's blood type may differ from both parents, for example the mother's blood type is A and the father's blood is B, so her child can have blood type A, possibly 25%, B 25%, O25%, and AB 25%.

Related to your question, a fetus will form when there is a meeting of an egg and a sperm cell. The presence of other sperm on the fetus will not change the fetus's blood type or fetal genetics. To confirm the relationship between parent and child, DNA testing can be done.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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