Can Children With Bronchopneumonia Recover?

Illustration of Can Children With Bronchopneumonia Recover?
Illustration: Can Children With Bronchopneumonia Recover?

Hi doctor, want to ask my feeling I’m worried My child has bronchopneumonia. My son’s friend died of pneumonia. My child was hospitalized 5 days 5 nights. Heal But after 1 month my child fell out of bed while sleeping. Suddenly the afternoon was hot until 39.7 was crowded. Previously, a light cold batik had been 4 days. Then I brought it to UGD only to give the medicine through an anus 2 seeds. After the drug was evaporated, then returned home. But the night was really hot. I’m worried that my child can heal or not? I see, he lost a lot of weight. The heat goes up and down, stones, colds, sweat. But the doctor said he was still better

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Hello Fanha Anis Syihah Ilham,

Pneumonia is inflammation of the lungs that is generally caused by a viral or bacterial infection (it can be fungal). Pneumonia can certainly be mild, severe, or very severe. Pneumonia is more commonly found in toddlers, elderly people, people who have been in hospital for a long time, or people who have weak immune systems (such as HIV / AIDS patients).

Severe pneumonia is characterized by symptoms of cough + difficulty breathing with the following additional symptoms:

Rapid breathing frequency (> 30 times / minute for children> 5 years,> 40 times in children aged 1-5 years)
Nasal lobe breathing (nasal lobes appear flat and flat when the child is breathing)
Children seem to nod when breathing
A chest wall pull (like sunken in between ribs, lower ribs, upper collarbone)
Whimpering sound when breathing

Also on physical examination there will be abnormal lung sounds and chest X-ray examination can be found infiltrates. In such conditions the child requires inpatient treatment and periodic observation. Another danger sign is that the child tends to sleep (decreased consciousness), appear bluish on the lips and nails, heavy breathing distress which can then lead to stopping breathing.

If children often experience recurrent lung infections with significant weight loss, it is also necessary to suspect specific lung infections, such as tuberculosis. Indonesia is a tuberculosis endemic country, especially if the child has a history of close contact with tuberculosis sufferers. Monitor the child's development at home within 2-3 days and administer medication according to doctor's instructions. If there are signs of severe pneumonia as mentioned above, you can bring your child back to the hospital.

Mild pneumonia or cough colds that are not pneumonia can be cured after a few days taking the appropriate medication. Avoid children with exposure to cigarette smoke, road dust, vehicle smoke. Give the child a warm drink, but do not force the child to drink when the child looks very crowded. Give fever-lowering medication according to the schedule, also help with warm water compresses so that the fever can go down quickly. If there are other family members who also cough colds, you should seek treatment and use a mask. Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching a child / baby. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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