Can Coconut Water Cure Biduran As A Result Of Taking Medicine?

Illustration of Can Coconut Water Cure Biduran As A Result Of Taking Medicine?
Illustration: Can Coconut Water Cure Biduran As A Result Of Taking Medicine?

I want to ask, biduran makes my activities disturbed and discomfort in the body. I was a bit traumatized to take medicine so I chose to drink only young coconut water

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Hi Nurul,

Thank you for asking

Hives (urticaria) can be caused by many factors, often allergic. Allergies occur when the body mistakenly considers the entry of a substance into the body as something dangerous, but it really isn't. Because of this, a variety of chemical substances will be released into the blood, resulting in the appearance of biduran, which is characterized by reddish skin rashes, bumps, swelling, which feels itchy, until hot. This hives can spread almost to the whole body so it is very disturbing sufferers.

Different types of allergens can trigger biduran. Often, these allergens are unpredictable, making it difficult for sufferers to control their complaints. However, you can observe allergens that can trigger your complaints by noting whenever your biduran appears. In this way, you can prevent biduran. Of course, prevention is better than cure right?

Although it is rare, young coconut water may cause you to be allergic, until finally a biduran appears. There is also no specific research that proves that consumption of young coconut water can indeed cure biduran. You also need to know, that in addition to allergies, hives can also arise due to other triggers, namely insect bites or other animals, excessive skin pressure, side effects of drugs, hormonal fluctuations, physical or psychological stress, immune disorders, and so on.

Therefore, you can first do the following efforts:

If you want to consume young coconut water:
Try to drink pure, not added sugar, artificial sweeteners, water, or other substances
Drink a little first, if you do not appear allergic, then you can drink more

If you experience biduran, do not panic, do not scratch, do not also take medication carelessly
Bathing diligently with clean water, do not use clothes that are too tight
On the skin that bites, first sprinkle salicyl powder or apply calamine lotion
Avoid substances that are vulnerable to make you allergic
Drink plenty of water
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Expand relaxation and meditation

However, if with the steps above your complaint does not improve, don't delay checking yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist so that it is handled correctly, right?

I hope this helps.

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