Can Coffee Consumption In Heart Sufferers?

Illustration of Can Coffee Consumption In Heart Sufferers?
Illustration: Can Coffee Consumption In Heart Sufferers?

my father aged 59 years old coronary heart disease has been installed ribg 1 plan in October 2019 pairs of eggs again. Drinking coffee using sugar what is allowed when my father’s bloody attack rises, but there is no diabetes like where. thanks.

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Coffee consumption in heart sufferers is not a prohibition that must be avoided. People with coronary heart disease can enjoy coffee in certain amounts so as not to overdo it. Coffee contains caffeine which has benefits and also disadvantages if consumed in quantities that are too high. Caffeine can affect blood pressure and increase heart rate. So it is not good if consumed too often or in large quantities.
While palm sugar mixed in coffee has the potential to increase blood sugar. If the blood sugar test is carried out during (not in a condition of fasting for at least 6 hours) after the patient consumes sweet foods or drinks such as coffee with palm sugar, it is natural that the results of the examination show an increase in blood sugar levels that tend to increase.
If there are no classic symptoms of diabetes or complaints toward diabetes such as frequent urination, frequent thirst and hunger, weakness, weight loss, fatigue, frequent itching, then you don't need to worry. To find out for sure whether there is a tendency towards blood sugar disease / diabetes, you should do a check directly to the nearest doctor or a specialist in internal medicine. The doctor will conduct an evaluation and examination directly to find out your father's condition. Fasting blood sugar testing and TTGO (oral glucose tolerance test) can help assess your father's blood sugar levels specifically.
Advice that can be done for your father's health is to regulate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet, fulfilling daily body fluid needs, regular exercise, avoiding stress, not smoking and alcohol consumption. Control regularly on schedule to a cardiologist or doctor who treats your father.
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