Can Color Blindness Be Reduced?

Illustration of Can Color Blindness Be Reduced?
Illustration: Can Color Blindness Be Reduced?

Good afternoon, I want to ask..I have 3 sons, I am a father, there are no color blind descendants and my wife is not color blind but my wife’s mother is color blind whether my 3 children will be color blind .. thanks

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Hello Bintang, thank you for the question.

Color blindness is a condition in which the retina loses some or all of its photoreceptor function, so that one cannot recognize some or all of the color. Color blindness can be caused by genetic conditions and disease conditions that damage the function of the retina. Some examples of diseases that can cause color blindness are:

Diabetes mellitus Macular degeneration Retinitis pigmentosa Glaucoma Retinal artery blockage Damage to the optic nerve in the brain or in the eye. First, make sure first whether your wife's mother is color blind due to genetic factors. Genetic color blindness is experienced from birth, whereas color blindness due to illness is experienced not from birth.

Color-blinded genes are linked to the X chromosome. If your wife's mother is genetically blind, then that means your wife's mother has a color-blinded gene on each X chromosome. The color-blind gene must be passed on to all her children, both boys and girls. If your wife is not color blind, then that means your wife only has 1 color-blind gene obtained from her mother's X chromosome, while the X chromosome from her father does not contain a color-blind gene. Your wife is said to be a carrier.

Regarding your offspring and your wife, at the one fertilization that produces a son, there is a 50% chance that the child is color blind and 50% the child is not color blind. You can invite your children to do a color blind test on a doctor (general practitioner or eye doctor). Color blindness tests can be done as early as possible since the child can read numbers and mention colors. The most common and easiest test is the Ishihara test, where a person is asked to recognize numbers written in various color combinations. Other tests such as the color test and the color preparation test, are not used in routine tests, and are only preferred if the results of the Ishihara test are doubtful.

Color blindness is partial or total. Most often found is partial color blindness, where a person cannot recognize some of the color. Genetic color blindness does not always hinder daily life. As long as the job does not require recognition of color, then someone will not experience significant problems.

Thus my explanation, hopefully you are helped. Regards.

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