Can Congenital Heart Disease Be Cured?

Illustration of Can Congenital Heart Disease Be Cured?
Illustration: Can Congenital Heart Disease Be Cured?

I want to ask, if a newborn baby has an innate heart, can it be cured?

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Hello Eli Purnamasari,

Congenital heart disease (CHD) or congenital heart abnormalities are abnormalities in the structure of the heart that can be found from birth. Structural abnormalities can include abnormalities in the heart wall, heart valves, abnormalities in blood vessels, or a combination thereof. Congenital heart disease is divided into cyanotic PJB and asianotic PJB.

Risk factors that can increase the likelihood of giving birth to a child with CHD are:

Infection during pregnancy (eg rubella)
Smoking or alcohol dependence
Obesity in pregnant women
Nutritional disorders during pregnancy
Genetic disorders such as Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, Marfan syndrome

Symptoms of CHD vary depending on structural abnormalities that occur. Symptoms can be seen not long after birth, but some do not cause severe symptoms so that patients do not know until adulthood. Symptoms that can occur in PJB patients are:

Hard to breathe
Heart murmur (from doctor's examination)
Frequent fainting
Babies can't suck for long
Easily tired
Impaired growth and development of children

Patients with CHD are also usually associated with increased abnormalities such as spinal disorders, abscess formation, cardiovascular disorders, throat-esophageal fistulas, non-formation of normal esophagus, kidney disorders, and disruption of limb structure.

CHD can be diagnosed from the results of history, physical examination, and supporting examinations such as echocardiography and cardiac catheterization to see the location of abnormal heart structures. The handling of CHD also varies among other things:

Observation of symptoms, especially in patients who do not cause any symptoms or heart abnormalities are mild. Observation can also be carried out until a certain age of the child can be carried out definitive surgical procedures.
Giving heart medicines and diuretics to reduce the burden of the heart so that complications do not arise congestive heart failure that can be life-threatening
Surgery to correct abnormal structure of the heart. Performed at different ages depending on how severe the heart defects experienced by patients
Provision of diet / type of food tailored to the needs of patients

Please consult further with your pediatrician or cardiologist if you have experienced the symptoms above or if you have been diagnosed by a doctor before, suffering from CHD. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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