Can Corona Be Infectious If Ordering A Makeup Package From China?

Hello, is the Corona virus contagious through makeup. For example we order makeup from China.

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Until now, the method of transmission of the Corona virus confirmed by WHO and the CDC is through: '

 respiratory tract fluids (phlegm, saliva or snot) from sufferers of Corona virus infection which is inhaled directly by other people who are nearby the patient's airway fluid that attaches to the surface of an object which is then touched by another person and then that other person touches the mouth / nose / eye without washing hands first Especially for transmission on the second point, until now it is still not known exactly how long the virus can last on an object surface, but is expected to last several hours to several days depending on the object's surface type, temperature and also the humidity of the environment where the object is located.

For makeup products originating from countries that have now been confirmed to have Corona virus infections, it can indeed be a medium of transmission if there is respiratory fluid containing a virus attached to the surface of the makeup packaging. Even though it's still unclear how long the virus can last, if you buy the product, it's still highly recommended to take precautions by cleaning the makeup package using disinfection liquid and then immediately washing your hands using alcohol-based hand sanitizer or using soap and running water and avoid touching your mouth / nose / eyes before washing your hands.

You can also read information about this virus, including recommended prevention methods through the following article: Corona virus.

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