Can Corona Meksipun Not Leave The House?

Illustration of Can Corona Meksipun Not Leave The House?
Illustration: Can Corona Meksipun Not Leave The House?

Good evening, late evening doctor. I want to ask, I have a cold / cold, cough and also have difficulty breathing 2 times a day. Well, it’s hard to breathe because of a cold or maybe I’m afraid of getting the Covid doc virus, I haven’t been out of the house 2 weeks ago, but I’m afraid of the dock even though I can’t go out of the house. Thank you doctor

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Regarding the corona virus or COVID-19 which is epidemic, I will try to explain concisely.

Covid 19 is a type of respiratory disease caused by the corona virus. The cause of the virus is the same as a disease that has become epidemic before, namely SARS and MERS. Covid 19 is characterized by dry cough, pain in the throat, fever above 37.5, and also shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.

Mentioned in your complaint that you experience a cold cough, and accompanied by shortness of breath. Do you also have a fever above 37.5 degrees? Is your shortness of breath coming from the solar plexus or lower chest? If you do not have a fever and shortness of breath in the lower chest, then it still does not lead to Covid19. But you still need to isolate yourself, because there are still many viruses that are scattered, so that the fear of contracting. If you are accompanied by a high fever, then immediately consult a doctor.

You do not need to worry, if anxiety will trigger tightness, and endurance decreases. Keep doing a good lifestyle, such as: eating nutritious food, drinking vitaminc, diligently washing your hands using soap, and do not touch your face if you have not washed your hands.

May be useful. Always healthy.

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