Can Corona Virus Be Transmitted Through Dipper And Water In The Bathtub?

Can corona virus be transmitted through consumables such as dipper? and can it be transmitted through water in a used bathtub?

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Today, the spread of Coronavirus infections in various countries, especially China (China), indeed often triggers its own concerns. This disease, initially may only cause the sufferer to experience symptoms similar to ordinary airway infections, such as fever, headache, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, and muscle and joint pain. However, if the immune system fails to eradicate the virus and treatment is too late, it can cause severe shortness of breath, chills, and various other severe complaints that can be very deadly.

Coronavirus is mainly transmitted through the respiratory tract, which is due to inhalation or ingestion of mucus splashes when the patient coughs, sneezes, or spits carelessly. Indirectly, transmission can also occur through objects that are contaminated with the mucus splash, for example if you exchange eating and drinking utensils, shake hands, or use a tissue and wipe hands together. In addition, there are also some allegations that this virus can be transmitted through animals to humans.

Contact with the dipper can be a way of transmitting Coronavirus, for example if the hand used to hold the dipper contains a virus, then this virus could have spread to your hands when holding the dipper in the adjacent time. However, if this dipper has been rinsed with water in the bathtub, or has been left in a long time after contact with a person infected with Coronavirus, then the potential for this transmission will actually be very small.

It should also be understood, that not all Chinese citizens are infected with Coronavirus. Therefore, increasing vigilance is indeed necessary, one of them is by not carelessly exchanging personal items, including toiletries, with others, diligently washing hands with antiseptic soap, shortening nails regularly, bathing regularly, using clean clothes, using masks when traveling to places general, and keep your place of residence and place of activity clean. However, despite being vigilant, you should still not stigmatize all Chinese citizens as Coronavirus spreaders. If he managed to escape during an inspection at the airport, then the possibility of carrying this virus would be very small. So, treat it naturally as you want to be treated.

If you find that the Chinese who live in your house, or yourself, experience symptoms similar to Coronavirus infection, do not hesitate to consult yourself directly to a doctor or internist.

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