Can Corona Virus Be Transmitted Through Domestic Cats?

Illustration of Can Corona Virus Be Transmitted Through Domestic Cats?
Illustration: Can Corona Virus Be Transmitted Through Domestic Cats?

, I’m a little upset, some people associate the corona and cat virus because I keep cats but only at home, can cats get hit? And can we make our own masks that can ward off the corona virus? Masks are expensive now, thank you

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Hello Shholida, Thank you for the question.

Corona virus disease 2019 (COVID) is a disease caused by corona virus type of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-coV-2), which is a new type of corona virus. This virus can affect anyone. This virus is transmitted from one human to another. There are no studies that prove that this virus can spread from humans to animals. Therefore, based on this information, your cat cannot be infected with this virus. This virus can be transmitted in various ways, namely:

inhale splashes / coughing / sneezing from sufferers
holding contaminated objects this virus and then holding the nose, mouth and eyes
close contact with sufferers

Symptoms that appear on a person can vary from mild to severe and life-threatening symptoms, usually appearing 2-14 days after exposure to this virus. Common symptoms that can be caused by COVID-19 are cough, shortness of breath, and fever. In addition, several other symptoms are sore throat, headache, joint and muscle pain.

To prevent transmission, there are several steps that are recommended, namely:

diligent hand washing with soap and running water or hand sanitizer
stay away from the crowd
avoid interactions with people who are sick
apply a good cough ethics that is covering the mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing with a tissue and immediately throwing the tissue in the trash or closing with the elbows
wear a mask if you are sick
if using a mask, avoid holding the front of the mask

The use of masks is not recommended in healthy people. Making a mask by itself cannot prevent this virus infection because this virus is very small in size so as to prevent its transmission by only using a special mask namely the N95 mask. Used surgical masks can help prevent transmission if combined with regular hand washing and other preventative measures.

If you experience the symptoms mentioned above and have a history of travel from a country that is known to have a case of COVID-19 or contact with a sufferer of COVID-19, please immediately visit a referral hospital such as RSPAD, Friendship hospital, or RSPI Sulianti Saroso for further examination continued.

Please read for more information about using masks on the WHO page: Use of masks

I hope this helps.

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