Can Coronary Heart Disease Completely Recover?

Illustration of Can Coronary Heart Disease Completely Recover?
Illustration: Can Coronary Heart Disease Completely Recover?

Can coronary heart disease be completely cured? And what is the right way to cure other than taking drugs?

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Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Coronary heart disease / CHD itself when oxygen-rich blood supply to the heart muscle is blocked by plaque, causing the heart to lack oxygen or is usually referred to as atherosclerosis. As a result the heart muscle will experience hypoxia or lack of oxygen and can lead to permanent damage to the heart muscle tissue.

It is not uncommon in the hospital for the blockage to enter into an emergency situation, namely Acute Coronary Syndrome / SKA or it is an initial heart attack, which will later cause a coronary heart disease / the heart has experienced abnormalities due to the blockage.

There are a number of causes underlying the existence of a blockage, namely:

 Smoke. Diabetes. High cholesterol level. Obesity Lack of activity. Age. Alcohol. Hypertension. Symptoms that arise also depend on how heavy the blockage that occurs, if it is still acute or in a condition of ACS, then complaints in the form of angina / heart pain, shortness of breath. If the acute condition is severe and is not handled properly, it can cause heart failure where the heart is unable to pump blood throughout the body, as a result there is a buildup of blood in the lungs so that there will be tightness, the legs are usually swollen, etc.

Responding to your question whether CHD / coronary heart disease can be cured, the answer is that it cannot be cured. But the severity again depends on the blockage. The principle of treatment in CHD itself is:

 Prevents the blockage from happening again. Open your blockages. Inhibiting factors that can cause blockages. Some drug choices that can be given by heart specialists also depend on some underlying diseases, but if the drugs can not be treated and the blockage is getting worse, then a ring can be installed, or bypass the heart through the surgical method.

Regarding the most appropriate treatment you can do right now are:

 Control to a cardiologist, regularly. Take medication regularly even though there are no complaints. Stop smoking and alcohol consumption. Look for other causes such as high cholesterol levels, diabetes, etc., and treat the problem. Exercise regularly, do not need to be heavy but regular enough. Maintain ideal body weight. Avoid stress. That's all my answer, thank you very much :)

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