Can Depression Be Overcome?

Illustration of Can Depression Be Overcome?
Illustration: Can Depression Be Overcome?

, I am a student in semester 3 at a state tertiary institution majoring in nutrition. When I was a freshman, I was very excited so I always studied hard and my GPA for junior high school was satisfying. However, when I was in junior high school and I started to face subjects that were more focused on nutrition, suddenly I felt I had the wrong choice of major and wanted to leave the university. But the more I thought about it, the more depressed I became. Plus when I asked my best friend, he convinced me to keep going. But my classmate advised me to leave instead of having gone to a higher school. At that moment, I remembered my parents, and immediately I lost motivation. What was the initial reason I went to school there as if it was lost. My thoughts often drifted somewhere in class. In fact, often suddenly want to cry for no reason. Even as if I lost my identity. And until now I feel that way. But I never told him how depressed I was for anyone other than my best friend. Even though he kept motivating me, it just made me cry and my mind went blank. In fact, I became a forgetful person and found it difficult to digest what other people said. I also find it difficult to concentrate on one thing. Am I classified as depressed or just stressed? Can this be overcome? Thank you

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Hello Yudiah, thank you for the question for

Some of the symptoms you experience do lead to depression symptoms. However, to really be able to diagnose whether you have depression or other disorders, it requires diagnostic criteria that must be met. First, you have to make sure that the symptoms you are experiencing are not caused by certain physical disorders, for example after a head injury, stroke, brain tumor, metabolic disorders, hormonal disorders, infections, use of certain drugs, and so on. When the physical causes can be ruled out, then the diagnosis can be directed at a psychological diagnosis.

The following are some of the criteria for a diagnosis of major depression:

Feeling sad all the time
Loss of interest and pleasure in almost all activities undertaken
Feeling lack of energy and tired quickly
Often feel useless and feel guilty
Difficulty sleeping or sleeping excessively
Significant weight gain or loss
Moving a lot (agitation) or even movement and speech slow down
Difficulty concentrating and difficult to make decisions
Have recurring thoughts of death and suicide

A person can be said to have depression if they meet 5 of the 9 symptoms, one of which includes number 1 or number 2, and these symptoms persist for at least 2 weeks.

If you do feel any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should immediately see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will try to rule out physical disorders that can cause similar symptoms, and when ruled out, the diagnosis can lead to a psychiatric diagnosis.

In the meantime, here are some things you can do:

Trust that you are not alone. In this world there are so many people who have symptoms like you do, although not all of them are able to show them.
If you start feeling so sad that you want to hurt yourself, immediately contact the person closest to you.
Practice good self-care, eat enough nutritious food, maintain personal hygiene, sleep and rest enough.
Try doing activities or hobbies that you have enjoyed before
Write a journal or diary to be able to reduce the burden on your feelings
Avoid smoking, consuming alcohol or illegal drugs
Do relaxation such as breathing exercises, meditation, yoga

Of course, this condition can be overcome as long as you ask for help from the right person. Contact a psychiatrist as soon as possible so that you can immediately find a solution to the symptoms you are currently experiencing.

Here is an article about depression that you can read

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