Can Dish Soap Be Used To Wash Hands To Prevent Corona Virus?

Illustration of Can Dish Soap Be Used To Wash Hands To Prevent Corona Virus?
Illustration: Can Dish Soap Be Used To Wash Hands To Prevent Corona Virus?

Doc, I want to ask if a dish washing dish can be used to wash hands. Is the soap effective for preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus? And is it safe to use long-term hand washing, considering that hand washing soap is usually less moisturized. thank you

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So far, there are no specific types of soap whose protective effect on the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) or acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) exceeds other types of soap. Some antiseptic or antibacterial soaps have a higher killing power against microorganisms than other types, especially bacteria. But remember, COVID-19 is a virus and not a bacterium. Both have a structure, way of breeding, and other properties that are very different from each other.

Dishwashing soap, whether it contains antibacterial or not, generally contains surfactant active ingredients. This active ingredient has both a hydrophilic (like water) side and a hydrophobic (like fat) side. The hydrophobic and hydrophilic characteristics of the different sides of the surfactant play a role in removing impurities, especially fat, which adhere to the surface of cutlery, due to a decrease in water tension.

Then what about the effectiveness to prevent the spread of COVID-19? For the record, COVID-19 has a lipid (fat) double layer on its sheath, which interacts with each other through hydrophobic carboxyl tails which are bound by weak non-covalent chemical bonds (van der Waals bonds). The interaction between this virus and surfactant, together with running water, may break the structure of the lipid bilayer in the envelope of the virus, causing the destruction of the virus. The time factor also seems to play a role in the effectiveness of soap; at least it takes 20 seconds to achieve the expected results.

However, experimental tests are needed to prove the things above. But in general, yes, you can use dish soap to wash your hands in connection with COVID-19 prevention efforts, if there is no alternative at home. However, remember that dish washing soap is basically not intended for hand washing, so it does not contain skin moisturizer. If you use it too often, the skin of your hands will become dry. If there are other options, washing with hand soap is better. In addition, it is more advisable to use liquid soap instead of bar soap, because sometimes if you are not careful, the remnants of dirt can still stick to bar soap.

As a second alternative you can also use alcohol-based hand sanitizers, with an alcohol content of at least 60%. Alcohol can prevent the proliferation (replication) of COVID-19, by interfering with the RNA genome of this virus. Hand sanitizers usually also contain moisturizers that can keep your skin moist and not easily dry.

Also, do not touch the eyes, nose or mouth if the hands have not been washed. Always clean or do routine disinfection with 70% alcohol or other antiseptic liquid on the surface of objects that are frequently touched. Immediately change clothes and take a shower as soon as possible upon arrival at home after interacting with the crowd or public facilities. But if it isn't very urgent, try to stay at home and stay away from the crowd or public places. Finally, try to maintain a regular and nutritious diet, adequate rest, and do light exercise regularly at home, to maintain your immune system. also facilitates everyone to be able to check independently whether they have a high risk of suffering from COVID-19 infection or not, which can be accessed here.

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