Can Disinfectants Be Used As Hand Washing Soap?

Hello, I want to ask. Is the liquid mixture of wipol, bayclin and others, aside from being disinfected, can it be used as hand washing soap? The problem is that many people suggest this. Is this too much and dangerous?

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Hello Christin,

Thank you for the question.

Not all information circulating in the community and social media you can trust raw. Included are related to the use of cleaning products as hand washing liquid.

The cleaning products you mentioned contain various components that have the potential to cause skin irritation. In sensitive people, although its components are safe in contact with skin, allergic reactions can also occur. Irritation and allergies in the skin after contact with this cleaning product can cause clinical symptoms that range from mild to severe, for example itching, bruntusan, sore, hot, reddish skin, peeling, scaly, swollen, blistering, runny, and so on. In the medical realm, this condition can be called contact dermatitis. Not infrequently, due to poor personal hygiene, this contact dermatitis experiences a secondary infection, so it fights festering and emits an unpleasant odor that easily spreads and even spreads to other people around you.

Our advice is to avoid using this cleansing product to wash your hands. To keep hands clean, avoid dirt and harmful microorganisms (including viruses), you can simply wash your hands with clean, running water and any type of soap that does not cause allergic skin. or irritation. Wash your hands properly for at least 20 seconds, especially before and after every meal, after contacting with public facilities, before touching your face, after going to the toilet, after shaking hands with others, after getting out of a dirty place, or also after visiting people sick.

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