Can Disposable Masks Be Used Again?

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Illustration: Can Disposable Masks Be Used Again?,

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Actually the use of masks to prevent transmission of viral infections (including corona virus) is more intended for people who are sick, family or people who care for patients, and medical personnel or who work in health facilities. Healthy people are not recommended to wear masks and it is advisable to do social distancing by staying at home according to the government's call.

As for disposable masks, these masks are only intended for one time use only. And not for washing irons and then reusing. Thus, if it has been used, the mask should be removed yes. If possible mask damaged or cut first before discarding.

Also make sure you wash your hands with liquid and soap 7 steps before wearing a mask and do not remove pairs of masks, especially with the condition of hands that have not washed hands. After removing the mask, don't forget to wash your hands again.

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