Can Doxycycline Be Taken Together With Vit C?

Illustration of Can Doxycycline Be Taken Together With Vit C?
Illustration: Can Doxycycline Be Taken Together With Vit C?

Can doxycycline be taken together with vit c?

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First of all, you need to know in advance that doxycycline is a drug that is included in the class of hard drugs (drugs with a red circle label). You must not take hard drugs if you have not seen a doctor directly and you should not have purchased them without a prescription from a doctor. Indiscriminate consumption of doxycycline without clear indications can be harmful to your own health. Therefore, if indeed you have not done an examination to the doctor and not the doctor who prescribed the drug for you, you should not consume doxycycline yourself.

If it is your doctor who prescribes this drug for you, then you may take doxycycline together with vitamin C. There is no certain dangerous interaction between this drug and supplement. Make sure you take the medicine according to your doctor's advice, don't stop, increase, or reduce the dose of the drug yourself without consulting a doctor first.

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