Can Dry Chicken Pox Be Contagious?

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at afternoon. I want to ask if dry chickenpox can be contagious? My son has never had chickenpox, he is 15 years old (grade X SMA). His seatmate had chickenpox and had not been in for a week. If his friend comes in later, will my child be infected? Then what should I/my child do so as not to get infected?rnPlease answer,rnThank yournGood afternoon

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Hi Nia, thanks for the question. Chickenpox or chicken pox is an infectious disease caused by the Varicella zoster virus. This disease is characterized by a rash on the skin, this red rash will then turn into a fluid filled fluid. The limp will then turn into a dry, scaly rash. This disease will usually last for 7-14 days. Chickenpox usually affects children aged 10 years and under but can also be suffered by adults with more severe symptoms than smallpox in children.

Chickenpox is very easy to transmit. Smallpox is contagious, especially 1-2 days before the red rash appears up to 1 week after the appearance of the rash, including when scabs and scabs appear. To prevent transmission, it is best to isolate or separate and avoid contact with people with smallpox. In addition, vaccination is also needed to prevent contracting chickenpox or causing chickenpox to worsen.

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