Can Eating Late Cause Shortness Of Breath, Blurred Vision And Cold Sweat?

Illustration of Can Eating Late Cause Shortness Of Breath, Blurred Vision And Cold Sweat?
Illustration: Can Eating Late Cause Shortness Of Breath, Blurred Vision And Cold Sweat?

good night, first I want to tell you my complaint, these two days my chest is a bit tight as if someone is pressing but not too, and at the beginning of the tightness when I wake up about 10 minutes later when I was working on college assignments, but there I was not too ignored because I thought maybe because I hadn’t eaten, and in the afternoon I went out for the first time in almost a week in the boarding house to go looking for necessities because there was covid-19. During this week I only do sleep, do errands and eat, but sometimes I eat only once at 12 noon and above and I eat a lot. Initially I was dizzy on that day and kept thinking because I was late eating, but only briefly, and it has been 2 days since shortness of breath, sometimes my body is hot but later normal again until now, is it because I also drink less? because every time my body is hot I always drink and sweat a little. Then what about the shortness of breath that I experienced, because honestly in the midst of this epidemic I became a little worried, especially when I was buying my needs I almost fainted because of weakness, the view was a bit blurry, and cold sweat, but after I sat for a while the situation returned to normal. what should I do for the first step of this complaint that I feel, especially for the shortness of breath I am experiencing right now? u003cbr / u003e Thank you.

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Hello Ratna, Thank you for asking at

Symptoms of shortness of breath can indeed be caused by several health conditions. These symptoms may not be caused by respiratory disorders if not accompanied by other symptoms in the respiratory tract such as coughing, runny nose, sore throat.

Your symptoms can be caused by gastric inflammation, peptic ulcers, or acid reflux disease. These symptoms can be triggered by:

your poor diet, for example, often late eating or not eating food regularly (only once a day)
consumption of food in large portions and too fast
consumption of spicy, sour, oily foods
consumption of caffeinated, fizzy, and alcoholic drinks
habit of lying down after eating
high stress level

The habit of not eating regularly and eating late can cause low blood sugar levels, causing symptoms of weakness, dizzy vision, and cold sweats that you mentioned above.

It is recommended that you take the following recommendations as initial treatment:

regularly consume food, 3 times the main meal
Consumption of food in small portions but more often, avoid consuming large portions of food at the same time
avoid consuming spicy, sour, oily foods
avoid consuming caffeinated, fizzy, and alcoholic drinks
avoid lying down after eating
manage stress well

You can also try taking antacid drugs that are sold freely at pharmacies by following the instructions for using the drug on the drug packaging. If you have been doing the above method for 3 days and there is no improvement in symptoms, please consult with your nearest doctor so that further examination can be done before the appropriate treatment is determined. If you experience signs of danger such as shortness of breath that is heavy with short and fast breathing, please immediately visit the emergency room of the nearest hospital so that it can be treated immediately.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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