Can Egg White Mask Every Day?

Illustration of Can Egg White Mask Every Day?
Illustration: Can Egg White Mask Every Day?

hello, I’m a 20-year-old student, a doctor cream user and his vit c serum. at that time I ran out of morning cream and intended to take off the morning cream replaced with a brand X yam mask, just used 2x it turned out to make me hot, red face, and dull. after a few days the face becomes rough as dry. then I decided to buy morning cream again. Then yesterday morning I found the two cheeks under the skin peeling but small like a clog. So I immediately washed my face immediately using a cleanser (there is alcohol and a little sore) then use an egg white mask to improve the facial skin mixed dancow white milk and the results SATISFY. moist and smooth skin until the evening. when I wash my face in the afternoon using a facial scrub that I usually use. it turns a little back again becomes dry and peeling, although not severe. core I want to use the mask every day. Can I? because the mask is naturally homemade, the results are satisfying. thanks, sorry it’s too long

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Hello Ms. Sanggita Ayu Dewani, thank you for consulting us on Basically the use of changing face cream is actually not the right decision because this will make the skin adapt from the start with the use of a new cream, which sometimes will cause complaints such as bruntusan, irritation, dry skin, acne, etc. so. We recommend that when it is compatible with a face cream or a skin care product, then routinely and continue to use the regimen during use in the long run will not cause various negative effects on facial skin and body health. And of course it is all contained in the ingredients in the regimen, whether the ingredients are safe according to BPOM or not.

The use of face masks made from natural that we can get from the environment around us, is indeed something that is not prohibited and permitted, as long as in the process of making and using it while maintaining the principle of cleanliness, and the body is not allergic to the materials used. If during use it provides many benefits for you, and does not cause harm or side effects, then you can continue using it for the skin. But if there appears an irritation reaction then it should not proceed.

To maintain healthy skin, then you can do a few tips from us:

clean your face 2x a day using a face soap that matches your skin. Use hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic facial products. Use a moisturizer according to your skin type, and use a non-comedogenic sunblock. Avoid direct sun exposure, reduce direct use of makeup that is too thick. we submit, hopefully the information from us can be useful for you. thank you

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