Can Eggs And Milk Cause Acne?

Illustration of Can Eggs And Milk Cause Acne?
Illustration: Can Eggs And Milk Cause Acne?

Mlm I want to ask whether it is true that eggs and drinking milk Every day can aggravate acne?

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Hello Anggi, thank you for asking.

Consumption of eggs and milk is certainly good for health because of its protein and fat content. Protein is essential for building body cells, repairing damage to the body, enhancing the immune system. Important fat is used as an energy source and energy reserve. Not everyone will experience acne problems due to consuming foods high in protein. Indeed, in some people allergic reactions can occur with the protein content in eggs and milk. Allergies can cause skin problems such as acne, can also cause digestive disorders so that absorption of nutrients is disrupted.

The thing you should pay attention to is, if you want to consume milk and eggs every day, make sure your activities are at an active level. You must remember that besides protein, the fat content in both is quite high. The fat will be used by the body as energy during the body's activities. If fat intake is higher than the body's energy use needs (because a person is less active), then fat will be stored as energy reserves as fat under the skin or fat in the abdominal organs (visceral fat). Of course you do not want an increase in fat percentage because of the adverse effects that can occur. Then balance the intake of both with energy expenditure in the form of activities. If acne problems do arise, try alternating consumption, then see if there are improvements. Thus our info. Regards.

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