Can Epilepsy Be Cured?

Illustration of Can Epilepsy Be Cured?
Illustration: Can Epilepsy Be Cured?

my name is ira 30 years, i like seizures and suddenly i like not aware and wake up i like people are confused and even wet the bed like that .. but the convulsions are very rare. When I was in middle school I was examined at one of the hospitals in Medan, I was in CT SCAN, EEG, and MRI but the doctor said everything was fine, after that I was given Tegretol. But now I don’t take the medicine anymore .. I want to ask, am I suspended epilepsy, can I recover, are there any restrictions on food and what therapy can I do. r n r nfor the doctor’s enlightenment and thank you.

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Hello Ira, Thank you for the question.

Seizures are rhythmic movements of the body's muscles in an uncontrolled manner caused by disruption of electrical impulses in the brain. Seizures can be caused by various health conditions such as:

electorlit disorders in the body
drop in blood sugar levels
and others

Epilepsy can be divided into idiopathic epilepsy (the cause of which is unknown) and symptomatic epilepsy (caused by a certain condition). Someone suspected of having epilepsy if you experience seizures more than once. Furthermore, doctors need to examine patients, including supporting examinations such as blood tests, CT scans, MRIs, and EEGs. The examination is also needed to find out other causes of seizures. It is possible that you have epilepsy because you have recurrent seizures. However, to be sure, of course, must be based on further examination by a neurologist.

People with epilepsy cannot be cured. Existing treatment aims to control seizures so that the quality of life of sufferers is also better. In addition, sufferers are also advised to avoid triggers seizures such as lack of sleep, fatigue, or stress. In general, there are no restrictions for people with epilepsy but the ketogenic diet is effective enough to deal with seizures in children with children. There is no other treatment you can do to overcome this condition unless your seizure triggers stress. Aromatherapy or breathing relaxation therapy can help deal with stress.

Please consult further with your neurologist about your condition so you can get more accurate information.

Hopefully this information is useful.

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