Can Epilepsy Cause Psychiatric Disorders?

Illustration of Can Epilepsy Cause Psychiatric Disorders?
Illustration: Can Epilepsy Cause Psychiatric Disorders?

Good evening, I want to ask ,, my sister is 18 years old and has had epilepsy since grade 2 SD, at first I still remember my home address and now I don’t remember anything, and her mood can change in 1 day sometimes she laughs alone, and eat unnatural things

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Epilepsy is a disorder of the central nervous system where there is an abnormality in activity in the brain that causes seizures or unusual behavior and sensations, often causing decreased consciousness. Some cases of epilepsy have no clear origin. However, in some others, epilepsy can be based on several factors, including:

Genetic (congenital) Head injuries Abnormalities in the brain, for example due to stroke or epilepsy Infection, for example meningitis, AIDS, viral encephalitis Prenatal injuries, for example due to infection during pregnancy, lack of nutrition, or lack of oxygen Developmental problems, such as autism, neurofibromatosis, etc. Wrong One possible complication of epilepsy is emotional distress. People with epilepsy are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, or even self-injurious behaviors that lead to suicide. This condition can occur due to the condition of the self that is unable to accept the abnormalities that occur in them, and it can also occur due to side effects of the drugs being consumed. It could also be, if your younger sibling has experienced a head injury during a recurring epileptic seizure, emotional changes and memory loss are currently occurring due to the impact of the head injury.

Our advice, if the condition is very concerning, have your sister checked directly to a neurologist. If necessary, the doctor will refer your sister to a psychiatric specialist (psychiatrist) for further evaluation and treatment related to her complaint.

In the meantime, as a brother, you can do the following:

If there is a drug that your sister should take related to her epilepsy, help her to take it regularly according to the doctor's advice. Give her strong moral support, make sure that her condition can be controlled so that she can carry out normal activities like other healthy people Make sure she doesn't feel inferior to his condition. Help him explore his inner potential, and turn this into a proud achievement. Help him to socialize more with the environment and his friends. Invite him to keep himself busy in useful activities, don't be quiet a lot. Keep your younger siblings away from cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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