Can Exercise Cause Prickly Heat?

Illustration of Can Exercise Cause Prickly Heat?
Illustration: Can Exercise Cause Prickly Heat?

Hello, I recently did sports after 2 days of red pus-filled bumps. Is this really common?

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Hello Egyanto Dio Pratama,

Miliaria / heat rash / prickly heat is often experienced by infants / children whose sweat glands have not developed aggressively or in adults who live in hot, humid environments or often sweaty activities. Prickly heat arises due to the blockage of the sweat glands.

Prickly heat appears as small reddish spots itching or stinging usually occur in the neck, face, chest, skin fold areas. Some forms of prickly heat are as follows:

Miliaria crystalina, characterized by nodules filled with clear, fragile liquid. Miliaria crystalline is more likely to occur in infants than adults. This type of sweat is usually not itchy and does not hurt.

Miliaria rubra. Symptoms of this type of prickly heat is in the form of itching and stinging sensations accompanied by the appearance of red nodules. The skin will become inflamed and feel painful due to sweat that cannot get out of the skin surface.

Miliaria pustulosa, is another form of mililiaria rubra where nodules become inflamed and contain pus.

Biliary aprofunda, appearing in the dermis or deeper layers of the skin. This type of sweat can be chronic and often recur. This condition is more likely to occur in adults after physical activity that produces a lot of sweat. Symptoms are nodules with a larger size.

The diagnosis of prickly heat is based on physical examination. Handling is done with the following things:

Avoid overheating. A hot place will trigger your body to sweat more and make the prickly heat worse. Preferably for some time shelter and consumption of enough water.
When exercising in a hot place try to rest for some time to cool your body / skin so that prickly heat does not get worse. Reducing the intensity of exercise for some time can also be considered.
Keep skin cool. Bathing or bathing more often can help make the body feel cool and reduce sweating.
Wear loose clothing. Avoid using clothes made of synthetic fibers, such as polyester or materials that absorb more heat and make you sweat more.
Take itch-reducing medications, such as antihistamines when itching is irritating. (according to doctor's recommendation)
Using hydrocortisone cream can reduce itching on prickly heat, but its use should be adjusted to sensitive skin such as the facial area
Use lotion calamine. This explosion can help relieve itchy, tender or irritated skin.

If the above treatment steps do not produce results, or after 3-4 days the red rash does not disappear even worse, consult a doctor immediately.

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