Can Falls Affect The Menstrual Cycle?

Illustration of Can Falls Affect The Menstrual Cycle?
Illustration: Can Falls Affect The Menstrual Cycle?

My doctor is Maria Silaen, I want to ask a question. I have my period once in three months. then what’s the cause, doctor? Then, yesterday I fell, and hit my waist, and at that time the pain was not just the doctor’s pain. then I was stabbed, until the pain subsided. Sometimes my waist hurts and my calves feel like pain. r how did the fall affect you, doctor?

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Hi Maria Silaen,

Thank you for asking on the forum.

Menstruation or commonly known as menstruation is a woman's natural cycle, normally occurs every 21-35 days, for 3-8 days with a large volume of blood that averages about 3 tablespoons a day. If the characteristics of your period are beyond this explanation, for example, a three-month menstrual cycle, of course, you need to explore the underlying causes. Some of the causes of prolonged menstrual cycles include:

Disorders of the thyroid gland An unhealthy lifestyle, such as drastic weight changes, physical fatigue, psychological stress Use of contraceptives Polycystic Ovary Syndrome To ascertain the underlying cause of your complaint, anamnesis (doctor-patient question and answer) is required, physical examination, if need supporting examinations such as blood tests, ultrasound. So you should check with a General Practitioner or Gynecologist.

Regarding complaints of the waist and calves sometimes it hurts, has a history of falls and hips bumps, yes, there may be a relationship between a history of previous falls. You should see a doctor, in addition to having a history of falls, other causes of pain in the waist and calf are:

Disorders of the lumbar muscles Disorders of the innervation Unergonomic position (inappropriate), for example bending over frequently History of heavy lifting Do routine exercise such as swimming, maintaining ideal body weight, managing psychological stress (counseling, yoga), eating healthy foods with a balanced menu, adequate rest, can help facilitate menstruation and reduce complaints of low back pain and calf that you feel.

The following articles can also add to your insight:

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So hopefully it can help,

dr. Annes

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