Can Former Shabu-shabu Users Donate Blood?

Good night dokI want to ask niI a year ago using methamphetamine but I have stopped completely Can the former user of methamphetamine donate his blood

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Hi Andi,

Blood donation is praiseworthy because it can help others in need. There are several conditions to be able to donate blood, including:

17-60 years old
Minimum weight of 45kg
Normal body temperature
Cystolic blood pressure 110-160 mmHg and diastole 70-100 mmHg
Regular pulse 50-100x / minute
Normal Hb (minimal female 12, minimum male 12.5)
The number of blood donations is at most 5x / year with a minimum distance of 3 months

Generally, before a blood donor is performed, the doctor will conduct an initial examination and screen the eligibility of the blood donor, for example screening for drugs and infectious diseases.

There are several conditions that make a person unable to donate blood, including having an infectious disease transmitted through blood (for example HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis), hypertension, amemia, diabetes, cancer, there are heart and lung diseases, epilepsy, blood clotting disorders , currently in the consumption of certain drugs, is pregnant, and has used drugs, as well as alcoholics.

Your step to stop completely using meth is a step that is very precise and wise. If you want to donate blood, you should consult directly with your doctor or officer at the blood donation place. Convey all your medical history to the doctor on duty so that you can carry out further tests and screening of your blood.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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