Can Formula Milk Mixed With Sweetened Condensed Milk?

Illustration of Can Formula Milk Mixed With Sweetened Condensed Milk?
Illustration: Can Formula Milk Mixed With Sweetened Condensed Milk?

good afternoon, I want to ask my 4-year-old child. I have tried a variety of formula milk since I was small. He prefers condensed milk with frisflag milk. While his weight is often in the yellow line. have an ideal body weight to avoid getting sick. For example, I try milk milk which is fertigrow or pediasure in order to meet the nutrition of my child. sweet chocolate. I thought about buying pediasure or dncow with chocolate flavor and then I mixed a little with frisenflag chocolate flavor so that my child would drink it ….

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As long as the child does not experience any complaints after consuming milk, there is actually no special prohibition on mixing formula milk in sweetened condensed milk. It's just that each type of milk often has a different way of serving, therefore this needs to be adjusted back to the type of milk in question.

You also need to know, that after more than 1 year of age, milk should no longer be a major source of nutrition for the child's body. Milk is just a complement to the food and drinks consumed daily. There is also no obligation for a person to consume milk provided he is able to meet his daily nutritional needs from food and other drinks.

Regarding your question, it needs to be clarified beforehand, what is your child's exact weight and height at the moment? Is she a woman or a man?

At the age of 4 years, normally a child's weight ranges from 13.7 to 24.2 kg in boys and 13.7 to 24.9 kg in girls. The measurement of nutritional status should ideally also be confirmed by assessing a child's height, so that his body mass index (BMI) can also be measured.

If it is true that your child's BMI is less than the normal age standard, then your child is classified as thin. This condition, in addition to nutritional intake that is not met properly, can also be caused by genetic factors, history of premature birth or LBW, history of experiencing severe pain, chronic digestive disorders, malignancy, and many other possibilities. Not meeting the nutritional needs of children is not always caused by children who do not want to consume milk (including formula milk). It could be, this is caused by the type of food and drink you provide is less varied, improper way of processing food, and if the child has indigestion, which is often characterized by severe vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, it is better not to draw conclusions too early.

First check your child to the doctor or pediatrician so that his condition can be evaluated more deeply. Some types of examinations, including Mantoux tests, laboratories, X-rays, etc. can also be done by doctors as needed. As for what handling will be given later can also vary depending on the underlying cause.

At this time, we can recommend:

Give your child a variety of nutritious foods, don't keep going, for example vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, milk (the right milk needs for children can be individualized, so it is better to ask directly to the doctor who checks), and products preparations
In between the child's eating schedule, give him a healthy snack, for example cut fruit, non-MSG cookies
Make sure the food your child consumes is always clean and does not contain harmful chemicals
Don't make it a habit to give children instant food or drinks
Keep the environment around the child so that it is always clean

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