Can Fractures Reunite Without Surgery?

Illustration of Can Fractures Reunite Without Surgery?
Illustration: Can Fractures Reunite Without Surgery?

Hello, I want to ask. My little toe is broken, isn’t it broken just a little to the bone slide. Doctors recommend surgery. The bones were repaired again. But my family doesn’t want to get surgery. Because I’m also only 21 years old, my bones are still young so it’s possible the doctor said his bones can still be reunited. Just a little crooked. Because I have a torn wound so there is a related wound is still a bit painful in the wound. But is it true that my bones can still come together huh? Then can I ask for a prescription medicine from orthopedics? all I remember is one Meloxycam drug whose dose is 7.5mg. Only the other drug I forgot. So far, are there any restrictions on food that I can’t eat?

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Hello Marina,

Broken bones can occur when there is enough impact. Broken bones need to be examined directly by a doctor so that appropriate treatment can be given. Handling of broken castings can be by surgery, the use of casts, or special bandages.

In fact, without treatment any broken bone can heal by itself over time. However, if not treated properly, broken bones can develop complications when they heal, including mal union (the bone connects improperly, this may be what your doctor refers to as slightly crooked), non union (bone failed to connect), or delayed union (delayed bone grafting). In addition, if there are open sores and do not get good care, there is a risk of infection in the wound which also inhibits the healing process.

For now, you should follow your doctor's advice. Meloxicam is an pain reliever. As for the other drug, we cannot confirm the type of medicine because the drugs are certainly given according to the patient's condition. Therefore, if you feel a complaint of pain or there are other complaints while the drug has run out, you should control again with an orthopedic doctor who treats you so that you can re-evaluate your condition. Do not forget to also control the stitches according to the schedule given by the doctor.

Regarding abstinence, there is no abstinence for broken bones patients. Patients are encouraged to increase healthy food, nutritious, high in protein, calcium, and vitamin D. Avoid squeezing, massaging, or sorting broken charts.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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