Can Ganoderma Cure Ovarian Cysts?

Illustration of Can Ganoderma Cure Ovarian Cysts?
Illustration: Can Ganoderma Cure Ovarian Cysts?

My menstrual cycle is now every 6 months, and only 3 months I have my period. It’s been 3 years like this. I consulted a doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS. But not checked by tests. Just 2 weeks ago, I tested using a medical check-up. And it seems I have a newly developed ovarian cyst. And the doctor told me to take ganoderma, can that cure me? thank you

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Hello Aulia, Thank you for the question.

Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that form in the ovaries. Ovarian disease can be divided into two types: functional cysts (cysts that appear as part of the menstrual cycle) and pathological cysts (cysts that are formed from abnormal cells). Pathological cysts can be benign or malignant. Some examples of pathological cysts are dermoid cysts, adenoma cysts, and endometriosis. Ovarian cysts can disappear on their own without special treatment but they need to be monitored regularly. For cysts that are large or cause symptoms, treatment that can be recommended by doctors can be in the form of birth control pills and surgery.

Ganoderma is a fungus that grows on wood, which is widely used as an herbal medicine. This fungus is believed to have a number of benefits such as strengthening the immune system, preventing heart disease, protecting body cells from damage, preventing cancer, overcoming complaints of fatigue, and overcoming depression. However, these health benefit claims have not been supported by sufficient medical research.

The best step you can take at this time is to consult with a specialist obstetrician and other obstetricians to ask for other opinions about your condition and its treatment. If you want to consume herbal medicines, make sure you use products that are already registered with BPOM RI and consult with your doctor first.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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