Can GERD Cause Mild Brochitis?

Illustration of Can GERD Cause Mild Brochitis?
Illustration: Can GERD Cause Mild Brochitis?

Hello doc, I was coughing a little cold and my chest felt full, some days I was cured. A few days later I had a mild fever taking paracetamol is better. My chest feels full until it feels bad until finally I get tired easily even if I’m just laughing. I went to the doctor and he said I was stomach acid, in rongten too. 4 days later I took the cavity and consultation, for 4 days I lived a healthy lifestyle and a little more movement because I was rather obese, and I was not tired anymore nor was my stomach acid getting better. When taking rongten said the stomach doctor, my heart was healthy there was only a mild bronchotic. Asked about my cold cough at that time. But I forgot to say that yesterday I was a little sick, and now I produce more saliva, it feels like phlegm has to be expelled but I don’t cough or runny nose (I got a cold for a while). Once sneezing my phlegm is white but not thick. Coughing when the throat is dry is itchy (rare). Now I feel something is up in my throat and there’s still a little excessive production of saliva. Thank you doc, please advise.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at GERD or stomach acid disease can cause bronchitis.

Gastric acid disease is a condition when our body produces too much stomach acid and / or stomach acid rises from the stomach into the esophagus or even the oral cavity. This can be triggered by the consumption of spicy, acidic, oily and coconut milk, coffee consumption, late eating, stress, smoking, excess weight, and the habit of lying down immediately after eating. If this happens, then among the symptoms that can appear are heartburn, nausea, vomiting, palpitations, chest feels hot, tightness, and tongue feels bitter.

The link with bronchitis is bronchitis is inflammation of the respiratory tract. If a person has stomach acid disease, then his stomach acid rises to move into the respiratory tract, his stomach acid can trigger inflammation and cause bronchitis.

So in your case, it could be that the two conditions are related, or it could not be at all, and the bronchitis you are experiencing is actually caused by something else such as a bacterial or viral infection. Or it could also be that you experience not the effects of acid reflux or bronchitis, such as strep throat, tuberculosis, acute respiratory infections or ARI, or even corona infections. For us, all these possibilities can occur because we have not checked yourself directly so we do not know your condition clearly.

Our advice, because you have checked yourself with a doctor, you need to do enough to consume the drugs given as recommended routinely, avoid triggers of stomach acid, and adopt a healthy lifestyle. If the condition is still persistent even though the medicine has run out and your lifestyle is good, then chances are the medicine is not enough, the dose is not enough, or the treatment is not right because the disease turns out to be different. In responding to this, you must check yourself with the doctor of internal medicine for an evaluation of your condition, and later treatment will be determined later. So, hopefully answering your question.

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