Can GERD Recover?

Illustration of Can GERD Recover?
Illustration: Can GERD Recover?

Good night, if I have a GERD stomach can it be cured? How to recover from GERD stomach like what? And how to avoid excessive anxiety .. Sometimes it is so disturbing to my daily life I feel like I have no enthusiasm to live again because I keep thinking about my illness, blurry eyes like there are ears that cover my nose like throat clogging like sputum sputum, every shower must have a headache, dizziness, chest tightness and fever until trembling please notice it thank you ­čśó

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A complaint of a history of GERD / gastro esophageal reflux disease is a condition that can indeed disrupt your daily life and disrupt your comfort in your activities. In general, if indeed you often experience recurrence of this disease, then from now on you begin to conduct an evaluation and independent identification of anything that aggravates and triggers the emergence of this GERD complaint. If you do not identify the risk factor for yourself, then depending on the drug will not help the recovery period in the long run. And this disease can be cured and can be controlled, as long as you understand yourself and the risk factors that trigger it.

Patients with GERD can cause some common complaints, such as:

 Stomach discomfort Chest pain or heartburn Uncomfortable throat pain Colds as a long-term comorbid complaint Decreased appetite Increased anxiety CHAPTERS Soft sweat Cold Chills Headache Body shaking One or more complaints can be felt, not all patients feel the same complaint. However, the longer the GERD disease is not healed or recurred frequently, the accompanying complaints will increase and complaints will bother you. Therefore, knowing the initial complaint as early as possible will help you identify the possible cause, and help you control this complaint for immediate maintenance and recovery. If within 2-3 days of independent treatment does not provide recovery results, it is necessary for you to ask your doctor or internist to help with this recovery.

In the context of risk factors, it is important that you begin to identify a number of things that can trigger initial GERD complaints or even aggravate complaints from GERD, such as:

 Late eating Irregular eating Digestive infections Gastric disorders Stress Lack of sleep Physical fatigue Habits of consuming spicy foods, instant foods in packs, strong flavoring foods, bottled drinks, oily foods Cigarette drugs Every initial complaint you feel, it is necessary for you Recall your memory history of what you have eaten, what you have done and what you have gone through in the past 24 hours. In this way, you will understand that certain types of food or certain habits can trigger GERD complaints, so that in the future, you will not repeat them or you can prevent them.

However, if this recovery and prevention effort has not yet helped the recovery of GERD complaints, it is necessary to revisit the doctor who treats you or the internist for further examination. The doctor will conduct an interview related to the course of this complaint, physical examination and supporting examinations can be planned, such as blood tests, ultrasound examination or endoscopy. The results of the examination will provide information on the main cause of this complaint, whether it is GERD, or other diseases, such as strep throat, digestive infections, heart disease, or liver disorders. If the doctor confirms this complaint is caused by GERD, then the doctor can recommend care and treatment for you at home. Thus, you will feel the recovery soon and you can be more comfortable living your daily life.

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