Can Give Birth Normally After A Caesarean?

Illustration of Can Give Birth Normally After A Caesarean?
Illustration: Can Give Birth Normally After A Caesarean?

Hello I irt age 32 is currently pregnant with child 4 enters 7 months of pregnancy before I have a child 3 months before I have curetted a child to 2 accident color after returning from consul to the womb of child 1 I gave birth to a normal scr that I want to ask for. Can I give birth to normal scra ? 2. until this moment I am still vomiting the food that I want, how about it? 3.from the age of 3 months content, my stomach often skits and my hips until now is about 2 kp? 4. I often do contraction at the age of 6 months until now it even feels like I want a chapter but not a cm chapter mules2. That’s the skeleton I want to thank you for the solution.

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1. Normal delivery can be planned for a pregnant woman with a history of SC (sectio secarea) 1 time, provided the distance between labor to be traversed with a previous SC delivery is at least 2 years (in some health centers, say 18 months or 1.5 years) . Provided that at the time of delivery arrived the position of the fetal head underneath without any other difficult complications of labor. In addition, childbirth should be done in a health center that has operating room facilities. To anticipate emergency conditions for the mother and fetus. We recommend that you check the condition of pregnancy every Sunday after entering 37 weeks of gestation.
2. It's only natural that this happened, indeed some pregnant morning sickness women can continue until past the first trimester. Especially for pregnant women whose stress levels are high due to workloads. For the time being, mothers are more important to the condition of the mother and the fetus than others. Do not let household chores make a mother late to eat or no appetite or work outside the capacity of a pregnant woman. Eat small portions that are divided in some time, so the mother can eat with a frequency of more than 3 times even up to 10 times a day. This method will greatly help reduce complaints of nausea and vomiting. In addition, avoid foods that stimulate increased stomach acid production, such as acidic fruit, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, cigarettes and others. Complete your daily nutritional needs by consuming milk, or can be replaced with ice cream, but avoid chocolate ice cream.
3. Pain in the abdomen and waist will be increasingly felt related to increasing gestational age and increasing the size of the stomach. This causes stretch in the abdominal and waist muscles. It also causes pressure on the nerves that innervate the lumbar region and abdomen. This is what causes complaints of back pain and stomach. If this complaint bothers ibi, consult with a gynecologist, ask about physiotherapy to alleviate complaints. If according to the doctor may and is needed, then the mother will be referred to a medical rehab specialist.
4. There are several possible causes of maternal mules, namely:
1. As a result of the enlarged uterus pressing against the rectum wall (collector of stool before exiting through the anus).
2. As a result of a compressed rectal wall, the stools are difficult to get out, resulting in an increase in contractions of the large intestine to push it out through the anus.
3. Mules that are felt are baby movements that are misperception by the mother.
4. Mules due to uterine contractions, will be characterized by low back pain radiating to Ari Ari and followed by discharge of mucus mixed with blood.
If you are worried, you should check with a gynecologist, right? So that doctors can examine it directly and conduct an ultrasound examination if necessary. The most important thing you have to do is think positive.
Thus hopefully useful.

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