Can Hemorrhoids Interfere With Labor?

Illustration of Can Hemorrhoids Interfere With Labor?
Illustration: Can Hemorrhoids Interfere With Labor?

Hello Gynecology entered 9 months after the chapter feels painful. Can you drink or spread the hemorrhoids ointment, what brand? Is it annoying if the labor process later?

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Previously you need more complete information regarding the condition you are feeling. Does it only feel pain during bowel movements or have felt a lump accompanied by blood coming out during bowel movements?
Hemorrhoids or in medical language called hemorrhoids is an abnormality in the anus or rectum on the inside due to swelling of blood vessels in the area. Hemorrhoids can occur outside (external hemorrhoids) or inside (internal hemorrhoids).
Symptoms and signs that often occur include fresh blood during bowel movements, pain during bowel movements, and lumps during bowel movements.
Internal hemorrhoids are divided into 4 categories based on the severity, namely:

Degree 1: small lump in the rectum, generally not visible and does not show significant symptoms. But often red blood can arise when you're defecating
Degree 2: The lump can come in and out by itself while defecating, sometimes accompanied by pain, the appearance of red blood while defecating
Degree 3: The lump can come out, but can not enter alone and must be assisted / didoro in order to get back in
Grade 4: The lump enlarges so that it cannot be put back into the anus.

External hemorrhoids are lumps outside the anus that are often painful during bowel movements and sometimes cause bleeding. Because of its location on the outside, generally external hemorrhoids can be felt compared to internal hemorrhoids that are located deeper in.

Ideally, a direct examination is needed to identify the type of hemorrhoids you are experiencing, along with determining the severity.
In addition, by direct examination can also be known whether there are other causes such as infections and inflammatory reactions that can cause complaints to appear.

In pregnant women, if there is an indication of a mild degree of hemorrhoids (degrees 1-2) generally will not interfere with normal delivery. However, if found moderate degree of hemorrhoids (3-4 degrees) normal delivery is usually not recommended.
Medicines that are useful for reducing hemorrhoids generally cannot work optimally / cannot produce meaningful results on hemorrhoids with severe degrees (degrees 3-4). Therefore, treatment with ointments or oral medication is not recommended without prior examination, and pregnant women should be accompanied by consideration from an obstetrician.

What can be done is to make dietary changes that can help improve conditions such as increasing dietary fiber, increasing fluid requirements in the body, and avoiding straining too long / strong. If the stool is felt hard and difficult to get out, do not be too forced but use a laxative to help remove the stool. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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