Can Hepatitis B Be Cured?

Illustration of Can Hepatitis B Be Cured?
Illustration: Can Hepatitis B Be Cured?

Good evening, I want to ask, Kmrin, I check the positive HBsAG lab and negative antihbs. Is that how it is? Will my illness be cured?

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HBsAg is a protein found on the surface of the hepatitis B virus. Positive HBsAg indicates that you are experiencing hepatitis B infection (can be acute, can be chronic) and you can pass the virus on to other people. Anti-HBs are antibodies to HBsAg, if positive this indicates a phase of healing and immunity against hepatitis B. Anti-HBs will also appear in people who have received a complete and successful hepatitis B vaccination.

If your HBsAg is positive and your anti-HBs is negative, this indicates that you are experiencing hepatitis B infection, it cannot be distinguished whether this infection is an acute infection (you just got this infection) or has been chronic (you have had an infection for 6 months or more) . In the majority of healthy adults who are infected with acute hepatitis B (90-95%), this infection will heal on its own without any treatment and will not cause any long-term complications. In the remaining 5-10%, hepatitis B can become chronic hepatitis B.

We recommend that you bring the results of the laboratory examination back to the doctor who requested an examination so that it can be interpreted according to your medical history. It's likely that your doctor will recommend a repeat HBsAg test to see if your hepatitis B infection is cured or persists and becomes chronic. If there is chronic hepatitis B, the chance of hepatitis B recovering is very small. Patients with chronic hepatitis B have a higher risk of experiencing liver cirrhosis and liver cancer, so that sometimes it is necessary to provide anti-hepatitis B drugs for patients with chronic hepatitis B.

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