Can Hepatitis Get Well Again?

Illustration of Can Hepatitis Get Well Again?
Illustration: Can Hepatitis Get Well Again?

,,, I have a child aged 20 years and Mondok since class 1smp until now, but because my child is currently in treatment at home, what I want to ask, what is the difference between hepatitis A and B? This is the results of the Lab LED 33MM / Jam SGOT 65SGPT 51Trs what risk is that? Is the hepatitis can heal normally again, what is the advice huh Do? Thank you for the help

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Hepatitis is a disease that is stated when a person experiences inflammation / infection in his liver. The cause of this condition itself is quite diverse such as hepatitis virus infection, drug side effects, excessive alcohol consumption or autoimmune diseases.

The most common cause of hepatitis is due to hepatitis virus infection. Hepatitis viruses found to date have 5 types, namely hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. The five viruses although they both cause hepatitis, have different modes of transmission, complications and severity of the disease.

Hepatitis A is a virus that can be transmitted through food or drink contaminated with feces of other people suffering from hepatitis A. Hepatitis A can generally recover completely by itself, but in a small proportion of patients, this disease can persist for a long time called fulminant hepatitis. , but this condition is very rare.

While Hepatitis B is a hepatitis caused by hepatitis B virus infection. This virus is transmitted through sexual contact or the blood of patients who are exposed to open wounds / enter the body (blood transfusion, use of shared needles). Hepatitis due to this virus is more severe than hepatitis A because hepatitis B can persist (become chronic hepatitis) or can even cause hardening of the liver in the future. In some people it can even cause liver cancer later in life.

Based on the second nature of this virus, of course, hepatitis B infection is more severe, but if you have never done things that are at risk of transmitting this virus infection, then the possibility of transmission is very small. Hepatitis A infection is more frequent due to the way it is transmitted more easily than other hepatitis viruses.

Hepatitis itself, can be cured or does not depend on the main cause, there are several conditions where this hepatitis can improve completely but there are also several types of hepatitis that can not recover completely or even cause more severe conditions in the future.

The best advice right now is to follow all the recommendations of the doctor who is treating your child. Take all medicines that are recommended according to the rules and avoid things that might cause transmission of other hepatitis virus infections or other causes of hepatitis.

I hope this helps.

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