Can High Cholesterol Cause Stomach Acid To Increase?

Illustration of Can High Cholesterol Cause Stomach Acid To Increase?
Illustration: Can High Cholesterol Cause Stomach Acid To Increase? Bing

I want to ask, is there a relationship between dyspepsia and cholesterol? Can high cholesterol cause stomach acid to increase? thanks.

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Dyspepsia or digestive disorders such as gastric acid irritates the stomach causing heartburn, burning heat or pain in the upper left abdomen, to a feeling of bloating or acid in the throat can be caused by several factors such as:

- Eating disorders that are often late, or skip meals, eat irregularly, eat too much

- Often eat spicy foods, sour, coffee, fatty foods. History of alcohol consumption. Smoking history

- Consumption of certain drugs such as pain medication, blood thinners

- Helicobacter pylori infection

- Stressed mind

- Chronic disease

Generally, the recurrence of dyspepsia is not associated with high cholesterol.

Check your condition to the doctor for complementary examinations such as blood hematology examination, lipid profile examination which includes various types of blood lipids, urea breath test if necessary, or if the condition of stomach acid recurrence is severe enough to require an endoscopy examination by inserting a camera tube into the digestive tract to monitor the condition of the inner surface because it is feared that one of the chronic complications in the form of gastric ulcers (stomach wall wounds).

The first step can be taken antacids if recurrence occurs. if it does not improve, consult a doctor will provide combination treatment such as antacids with digestive antihistamines, or proton pump inhibitors, to combination with antibiotics if necessary.

In addition to taking medication regularly, what can be done to help heal and prevent recurrence, such as: Improve regular eating patterns, eat enough portions, slip snacks between meals so that stomach acid can be neutralized. Eat neutral foods. Avoid fatty, sour, spicy foods, stop consuming alcohol and stop smoking. Avoid stress and avoid staying up late. To avoid high cholesterol in addition to taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, lifestyle changes also need to be made by avoiding fatty, oily foods, offal, skin, fatty meats, foods containing MSG, reducing the portion of rice and sugar, exercising, and increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables. Hope it is useful

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