Can Humans Get Pets?

Illustration of Can Humans Get Pets?
Illustration: Can Humans Get Pets?

I have a cat and I clean the cage every day. and it turns out there are tapeworms in the feces. I also felt itchy in my (sorry) rectum. did i catch my cat? thanks

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Infectious diseases caused by tapeworms are called taeniasis. Flat-shaped rectangular tapeworms, pale yellow or white, with the size of rice. Tapeworms can blend with other tapeworms so that they appear long and segmented. Do the worms you see in your cat's poop like this?
When tapeworm eggs or larvae are in the human intestine, they will eventually mature and attach their heads to the intestinal wall. Thus inhibiting the absorption of food juices in the intestine and these food juices become taken by worms. This causes disease in humans, namely weight loss, anemia and other nutritional deficiencies. In addition, the presence of eggs, larvae or adult worms in the digestive tract will cause humans to become diarrhea, nausea and decreased appetite. Adult worms in the digestive tract will eventually lay eggs, eggs will come out with feces, these eggs can irritate the anus so that the patient experiences itching in the anal area and surrounding areas. Not only that, the most dangerous is when the worm larvae go to other organs to join the bloodstream. Even worm larvae can reach the brain tissue. Of course this can be fatal.
The tapeworm transmission to humans occurs when:
1. Humans consume meat that contains tapeworm eggs or larvae that are not cooked well. Tapeworms are most commonly found in pigs.
2. Humans consume contaminated vegetables or fruits that are not washed clean and / or not cooked until done.
3. Humans do not wash their hands before eating, while there are worm eggs on their nails.
So it's very possible that you have tapeworms from your cat. For this reason, it is better to bring the cat in consultation with the veterinarian for examination and treatment. Likewise with you, you should consult with your nearest doctor so that related examinations are carried out and if proven then you will undergo treatment. This is important because most cases of taeniasis are asymptomatic. Later the doctor will conduct blood laboratory and stool supporting investigations. If needed, an ultrasound examination will continue.
In the meantime, it's best to place your cat's cage outside. Do not let the cat roam the house. Use gloves when cleaning the cage. Wash your hands with soap after contacting cats, their feces and cages.
Thus hopefully useful.

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