Can Hypertension Drugs Be Stopped?

Illustration of Can Hypertension Drugs Be Stopped?
Illustration: Can Hypertension Drugs Be Stopped?

Can amlodipine / norvasc be stopped?

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Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker (Ca-channel blocker) which is useful for lowering and controlling blood pressure. This drug works by relaxing the walls of blood vessels as well as widening their diameter. As a result, blood flow to the heart becomes smoother and blood pressure decreases.

Amlodipine is often used as a therapy for people with hypertension (high blood pressure). This drug is also useful for treating and preventing angina pectoris. Consumption of amlodipine needs to be done regularly every day according to doctor's recommendations.

Consumption of amlodipine is not recommended to be stopped carelessly, especially without advice from a doctor. Stopping taking amlodipine without substituting other anti-hypertensive therapy risks causing blood pressure to rise again. This uncontrolled increase in blood pressure can lead to various complications, including:

Heart attack
Heart failure
Impaired kidney function
Metabolic syndrome
Memory and cognitive disorders

Therefore, if you are a person with hypertension, you should still take the medicine according to the advice of the doctor who treats you. Apart from taking medication regularly, also control your hypertension through a good diet, regular exercise, and manage your stress wisely.

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