Can I Buy Amoxicillin Again At The Pharmacy?

Illustration of Can I Buy Amoxicillin Again At The Pharmacy?
Illustration: Can I Buy Amoxicillin Again At The Pharmacy?

Hello Doc, a few days ago I got strep throat and I went to the clinic with amoxicillin, because I thought I had cured my medicine, but now the inflammation recurred again, just swallowing it hurts. Can I buy amoxicillin at the nearest pharmacy?

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Hello Lia MS, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Amoxicilin is a drug with a property to kill bacterial infections, including penicillin antibiotics. This drug is available in tablet or syrup form. This drug can be consumed by children and adults, depending on the body weight dose. Basically the consumption of any type of antibiotic must be through a recommendation, and a doctor's prescription. Patients must also be obedient in taking it. Ensure that there is sufficient time between one dose and the next. Try to take amoxicillin at the same time every day so that the drug can work optimally.

For patients who forgot to drink it, it is advisable to take the antibiotic as soon as possible. But the distance from before or after giving must not be too close or far. Many mistakes in using antibiotics in patients is like the case you face today, most patients stop taking antibiotics when they feel healed even though it is not in accordance with the dosage or recommendation given. This will increase the number of bacterial resistance to certain antibiotics in these patients / in other words the bacteria will be immune to antibiotics.

For your current case, because I don't know how long you have been taking amoxilin, and what are your current complaints, in detail, you can consult your doctor directly. Because it could be this time it is a new infection, or an old infection that has not healed.

That's all the answers I can give, thank you :)

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